The Journey

Application for Accreditation

Review of Applicant by IOAB

Acceptance of  Application

Pay IOAB Initial fee 1st Stage (50%)

Submission of Accreditation document, as IOAB Checklist

Documentation review report from IOAB

Corrective action report from IOAB

Acceptance of CAR by IOAB

Pay IOAB 2nd Stage (50%)

Grant of Provisional Accreditation for six month from IOAB

Complete at least  one accredited activity as per scope of provisional accreditation within six month under observation of IOAB

Accredited activity Analysis by IOAB

Grant of final accreditation for the period of three years

Maintaining the accreditation – Submit report on accredited activity conducted

Annual Evaluation of accreditation from IOAB

Re- certification after three years